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For years, FREE forms have been available to create online. The forms are OK because they are simple but they have to be created by the user themselves. Thus the forms are limited to what the online form generator can do plus limited by the user's knowledge and skills. Even if knowledge and skills are high, the results are always a compromise of what is needed by the user.

The following companies are just a small sample of the clients who use Top Ideas (Online Forms Australia) to create their online forms:

Multiple Forms

4 forms appear on this website. However, many internal forms are in use on the MGA Insurance intranet.

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Insurance Forms

Many internal insurance forms have been created all using 'logic'.

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Multiple Forms

Many complex forms using extensive logic over many years.

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Online form

Online contact form. Website not yet optimised for smart phones.

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With Top Ideas & Solutions all forms are highly customisable and reflect exactly the wishes and needs of the client. The form could be a simple contact form or alternatively, a complex, multi-page form with 'logic' which enables a seemless flow of questions to be presented to the user.

'Logic' is a term used when the user sees diferrent fields to fill in depentent upon a selection made earlier. For example, if the answer to the question "Do you wish for us to call you?' is YES then a new field 'magically' appears in which the user can type their contact number.

Logic can also be more exciting. Imagine that there are agents in every state who work for the owner of the form. If the user selects, for example 'NSW' from a dropdown list as the state in which they reside, the form can be sent to the email address of the agent in that state rather than to a generic email address, the owner of which who then needs to pass on the email to the correct agent. This form of logic is very powerful and its uses are boundless.

There are many types of fields in a form: text fields, date fields, paragraph fields and email fields just to name a few. Each of these can be marked are 'required' or 'not required'. A form can not be submitted if a required field is empty.

Because the Internet can be the plaything of malicious entities, Top Ideas always insists that a 'Captcha' field is added which displays a picture (with numbers displayed) for a human to see and type. Non-humans can not interpret the picture as numbers and so the client is not bombarded with 'spam' entires.

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Online forms Australia is used by business and organisations around Australia. So far, that has included some huge organisations in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.